Wujifa is a wonderful practice

June 17, 2009

Many people have tried other practices and then discovered the functional approaches of Wujifa. There is a GREAT blog on this art found at HTTP://WUJIFALIANGONG.COM go there and check this one out. There is a “LOT” of useful information found there.

You’ll find useful information on practical Wujifa practices there. They share information on the Wujifa Standing Practice, Side to Side Practice for developing the kua or inguinal creases, and other very useful practices and qigongs. If you practice Taiji, Qigong, Yoga, or other martial arts you’ll find some great stuff over there at HTTP://WUJIFALIANGONG.COM

Wujifa Training Garden

Wujifa Training Garden

Personal I enjoy these practices and so take a look at what they have to share. I spend a lot of time training and so I may not post very often here. When I have something worth… while I’ll be sure to share it here.

Until then… I hope you have a wonderful time explore the wonders of this wonderful practice…