Wujifa Internal Practice 2014

December 19, 2014

There has been a lot happening in the study of internal practices of Wujifa and in Wujifa in general. Many new YouTube postings and some articles written in a couple places that talk about the wonderful art of Wujifa. In California there are a number of new places you can study Wujifa now too. Let’s take a look at some of these Wujifa activitie and postings.

Lets start with some of the more interesting Wujifa videos that have showed up on YouTube this year.

This one above is of a practitioner of Wujifa doing some connection refinements of his punching or fali and stepping. It a short clip but worth watching.

Trevor made an interesting video for Mirror Gate School of Wujifa, Santa Cruz. Trevor has been really enjoying his Wujifa practice and sharing what he does with others this year. Nice work Trevor!  I really enjoy the postings and videos Trevor Caruso puts out. Below is another video by Trevor showing variations on how to express power.

It’s always nice to see Wujifa practitioners posting videos of basics.

A simular 25 minute video is now playing every morning at the Fox Run retirement community campus. Now over 1,000 residence can practice some useful foundational skill-sets of a Wujifa practice. The video here is called “Wujifa: Getting Back On Your Feet – Mobility and Balance for Novices – Part One” and is well worth watching and practicing along with.

Connection Magazine posted a couple articles about Wujifa this year. They can both be found by clicking here. One of the articles is called “Wujifa, Standing Meditation and the Essence of Internal Martial Arts”  and another called “Bodywork and Movement – Connecting with Fascia” both are nice articles Trevor Caruso.

So that’s it for this review of the year. As new information shows up and as I have time I will share more with you all. Keep practicing and be healthy.