Wujifa Stories From The Last Year

January 28, 2012

There have been a number of Wujifa postings over the last year. Wujifa is a wonderful practice and there have been a number of good postings shared. I will try and share a few of the best bits I’ve come across.

Over at the Wujifa YouTube Page they’ve posted a few new things. One of my new favorites is called “Wujifa Basics: Connection Stretching and Refinement” a really great practice in the Wujifa system.

In the video above “Wujifa Basics: Connection Stretching and Refinement”  is not as easy as it seems. To get the kind of movement seen in this video takes a lot of practice. Make sure you support the Wujifa YouTube page and leave some comments and follow them.

Over at Internal Gongfu Blogspot they posted a longer article called “Rounding the Crotch (圆裆) for Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang”. There are some good points to read about so take a little time and check it out. Here is a quote form that article.

“裆 要 圆,圆 而 稳, ( dāng yào yuán, yuán ér wěn ) crotch important round, round and settled/stable Meaning: It’s important that the crotch area be round and settled”

Another post over at Internal Gongfu Blogspots is called “Relaxing the Pelvic Floor for Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang” which is a very long detailed posting which tries to see how deep the rabbit hole may go. It maybe another posting you may want to take a little time with based on how long the post is. Here is a quote for that article.

Remember the saying, “When one part moves, all parts move”. This can also mean, when one part is stuck, then all parts are stuck. So for me, Loose/Relaxed (松 ; sōng) is about relaxing all parts of my body and not just the parts that can be discussed in polite social settings, or only relaxing the parts that I’m emotionally comfortable relaxing. What we’re aiming for is to achieve: When one part moves, then truly, ALL parts are able to move.

Also, over at Wujifaliangong Blogspot you should check out the article “Five Common Bad Zhan Zhuang Structural Habits”. It is a very well written posting and covers some issues you should take a look at if you practice Zhan Zhuang or Wujifa. Here is a quote from this posting.

There are many different structural habits a practitioner can build into their Zhan Zhuang practice. A practitioner can often practice alone for years without noticing or worse yet never take the time to validate that they are practicing Zhan Zhuang skill sets correctly. Here are five common bad habits often overlooked by practitioners in their Zhan Zhuang training.

Another posting from Wujifaliangong blogspot you might want to check out is called “Wujifa Two Feet and What Does This Mean?” and it covers a very important part of your Zhan Zhuang practices. here is a quote from that posting.

A helpful thing to start with when aligning the feet is to imagine a line that travels from the center of your heel to the second or third toe. Due to the types of shoes people grow up wearing there can be some deformity of people’s feet and so there can be some variation to proper foot alignment. It’s a good idea to take a little time and to get to understand your own feet as they are a foundation to you standing practices.

The last site I want to suggest is a new site called Wujifa For Dummies which just started posting and we hope to see more cool stuff coming from them. The postings are short and direct and personally I think a bit funny. Here is a quote

Now that you have an idea of what Standing Meditation is you need to continue to practice until you can stand for 45 minutes uninterupted per day.  If you are not willing to do this either quit now and join a health club or be prepared to train for life and get now where except perhaps having lots of notes to put on your blog after years of getting no where.

Hopefully 2011 was a great year for you and 2012 is going well. Welcome the Water Dragon and best wishes to you all.