Wujifa YouTube Videos 2010

December 5, 2010

The Wujifa Youtube Channel has been posting some really cool stuff since my last posting here. If you haven’t visited in awhile make sure you go over there and give it a visit. Even better if you have an account on YouTube subscribe.

Over at Wujifa blogspot they just put up a post with video called “The Kua More Methods For Developing The Inguinal Crease”

“Let me say up front that the Wujifa “Sitting Side to Side” skill-set isn’t really a beginners practice although I will say it is much easier for many Wujifa beginners to play with this skill-set as many times their legs may not be strong enough to do the standing Side to Side Kua practices.”

Make sure to go read more there in the meantime here is the video

Also another post called “Methods for Understanding the Relaxed Shoulder or Song Jian 鬆肩” that includes another good Wujifa video and practice. I personally find this a good Wujifa skill-set to visit and a number of variations of these exercises. One I really like is to play with two swings and have them tied off at different places to created various arcs to explore.

“In the first example the hand are place on the “swing” and use the arcing of the swing to create a couple dimensions of movement to be explored.”

Again, go read that blog post as soon as you can. Until then here is the video for your enjoyment.

That’s the highlights for now. Make sure to visit the Wujifa YouTube site and subscribe. There is a lot of cool Wujifa stuff showing up on the web, make sure to keep your eyes open. As always when I have time I will post and help share what I am finding too.