A key to “Internal Power” the Weeble

November 14, 2009

Sinking can be a very big topic for becoming grounded. I just read a blog post about this and I remember when I first heard the concept of Weebles many years ago and laughing… and the Gongfu Master I was talking with said it again to me while I was laughing. The Master I was talking with wasn’t the kind of person who talked about Qi very much or at all, instead he shared his concepts with functional and practical examples of the concepts.

Here is a great post I just was reading on this very subject:
“…So in stance, in addition to getting the structure aligned, we’re also relaxing to “sink the chi” so that we find balance – Balance, relax, and structure are all interwoven in this definition – and that’s the key…”

There is a GREAT YouTube video clip on that blog as well I would suggest going over there and checking this out.

“Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.” This connection is one of the keys to developing internal power, functional and practical for those who are willing to take the time to understand this and develop this skill.


More Tips on Wujifa Blogs!

November 11, 2009

Principles of Wujifa

Wujifa Triangles

There have been a lot of GREAT tips, posting, and blogs showing up on Wujifa practices. I would highly suggest going by and checking in on some of these for sure. I will put a few bits from them here and links to these so you can stop by and read them.

The Path of the Unenlightened
Ever have a problem area when doing stance? For example, pressure going to your knees, areas of tension that just don’t want to relax, etc.?

There are a few really interesting posts over there at the “The Path of the Unlightened” Blog.

Over at “Dan’s Wujifa” blog there have been some really cool postings too… for example:

It’s an exercise where one takes a hammer, hand-held sledge variety and holding it out, as an extension of both arms, flings it rapidly up and down by bowing and unbowing at the hips.

It is important to:
-Keep the arms in the same relative position with the body (so it’s not the arms moving, but the hips).
-Bounce the hammer toward the opposite side at each endpoint.
-Pay attention to the connected springiness feeling.

I really enjoy when people share there training methods and insight gained from doing them!

Over at http://wujifaliangong.com the month of October had some really good postings too. Well worth the time heading over there and reading the October 2009 posts on that blog. There is really to much in there for me to copy and paste a few bit here so just stop by and visit that site.

Also there have been some cool stuff showing up over at “Internal Gong Fu” for example:

Feeling the Sides Drop
I was reminded that plateaus are gestation periods where new neural pathways are being formed. Practicing and not noticing subtle shifts and growths is like planting a seed and watering and watering and watering, not seeing any growth, trusting that there is growth until one day, BOOM! noticing a sprout!

So there you have it… Google Wujifa and see what you might find. I really love this practice… back to training now… Woohoo!