Kua Development video

Wujifa Side to Side Kua development (set 1)

This video is of the first set of Kua development skill sets and is called “Side to Side.” This practice is very helpful to starting to understand how the inguinal creases open and close as one moves.

The practice may seem easy although the practice is very deep as one continues to practice and train at developing how to move correctly. It’s a very helpful practice even for those who practice other internal martial arts like Taijiquan for example.

You can find out more about Wujifa at http://wujifaliangong.com on this and other aspects and skill sets aimed at full body movement and internal connections in this wonderful system of training called “Wujifa.”

As alway make a “GREAT” day and enjoy your gongfu practices.


3 Responses to Kua Development video

  1. John says:

    If you have never explored this training exercise. Stop everything and add it into your training. If you only do two exercises make them stance and side to side.

    The simplest qi gong is often the deepest. This is one such exercise.

    It is a crucial method for anyone interested in developing full body connected movement for internal martial arts and/or for health.

  2. John says:

    Side to side is a great practice that helps to get the feeling of movement using the kua. This practice may seem simple but is an incredibly important step toward full body connected movement.

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