Wujifa Internal Practice 2014

December 19, 2014

There has been a lot happening in the study of internal practices of Wujifa and in Wujifa in general. Many new YouTube postings and some articles written in a couple places that talk about the wonderful art of Wujifa. In California there are a number of new places you can study Wujifa now too. Let’s take a look at some of these Wujifa activitie and postings.

Lets start with some of the more interesting Wujifa videos that have showed up on YouTube this year.

This one above is of a practitioner of Wujifa doing some connection refinements of his punching or fali and stepping. It a short clip but worth watching.

Trevor made an interesting video for Mirror Gate School of Wujifa, Santa Cruz. Trevor has been really enjoying his Wujifa practice and sharing what he does with others this year. Nice work Trevor!  I really enjoy the postings and videos Trevor Caruso puts out. Below is another video by Trevor showing variations on how to express power.

It’s always nice to see Wujifa practitioners posting videos of basics.

A simular 25 minute video is now playing every morning at the Fox Run retirement community campus. Now over 1,000 residence can practice some useful foundational skill-sets of a Wujifa practice. The video here is called “Wujifa: Getting Back On Your Feet – Mobility and Balance for Novices – Part One” and is well worth watching and practicing along with.

Connection Magazine posted a couple articles about Wujifa this year. They can both be found by clicking here. One of the articles is called “Wujifa, Standing Meditation and the Essence of Internal Martial Arts”  and another called “Bodywork and Movement – Connecting with Fascia” both are nice articles Trevor Caruso.

So that’s it for this review of the year. As new information shows up and as I have time I will share more with you all. Keep practicing and be healthy.


Wujifa Stories From The Last Year

January 28, 2012

There have been a number of Wujifa postings over the last year. Wujifa is a wonderful practice and there have been a number of good postings shared. I will try and share a few of the best bits I’ve come across.

Over at the Wujifa YouTube Page they’ve posted a few new things. One of my new favorites is called “Wujifa Basics: Connection Stretching and Refinement” a really great practice in the Wujifa system.

In the video above “Wujifa Basics: Connection Stretching and Refinement”  is not as easy as it seems. To get the kind of movement seen in this video takes a lot of practice. Make sure you support the Wujifa YouTube page and leave some comments and follow them.

Over at Internal Gongfu Blogspot they posted a longer article called “Rounding the Crotch (圆裆) for Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang”. There are some good points to read about so take a little time and check it out. Here is a quote form that article.

“裆 要 圆,圆 而 稳, ( dāng yào yuán, yuán ér wěn ) crotch important round, round and settled/stable Meaning: It’s important that the crotch area be round and settled”

Another post over at Internal Gongfu Blogspots is called “Relaxing the Pelvic Floor for Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang” which is a very long detailed posting which tries to see how deep the rabbit hole may go. It maybe another posting you may want to take a little time with based on how long the post is. Here is a quote for that article.

Remember the saying, “When one part moves, all parts move”. This can also mean, when one part is stuck, then all parts are stuck. So for me, Loose/Relaxed (松 ; sōng) is about relaxing all parts of my body and not just the parts that can be discussed in polite social settings, or only relaxing the parts that I’m emotionally comfortable relaxing. What we’re aiming for is to achieve: When one part moves, then truly, ALL parts are able to move.

Also, over at Wujifaliangong Blogspot you should check out the article “Five Common Bad Zhan Zhuang Structural Habits”. It is a very well written posting and covers some issues you should take a look at if you practice Zhan Zhuang or Wujifa. Here is a quote from this posting.

There are many different structural habits a practitioner can build into their Zhan Zhuang practice. A practitioner can often practice alone for years without noticing or worse yet never take the time to validate that they are practicing Zhan Zhuang skill sets correctly. Here are five common bad habits often overlooked by practitioners in their Zhan Zhuang training.

Another posting from Wujifaliangong blogspot you might want to check out is called “Wujifa Two Feet and What Does This Mean?” and it covers a very important part of your Zhan Zhuang practices. here is a quote from that posting.

A helpful thing to start with when aligning the feet is to imagine a line that travels from the center of your heel to the second or third toe. Due to the types of shoes people grow up wearing there can be some deformity of people’s feet and so there can be some variation to proper foot alignment. It’s a good idea to take a little time and to get to understand your own feet as they are a foundation to you standing practices.

The last site I want to suggest is a new site called Wujifa For Dummies which just started posting and we hope to see more cool stuff coming from them. The postings are short and direct and personally I think a bit funny. Here is a quote

Now that you have an idea of what Standing Meditation is you need to continue to practice until you can stand for 45 minutes uninterupted per day.  If you are not willing to do this either quit now and join a health club or be prepared to train for life and get now where except perhaps having lots of notes to put on your blog after years of getting no where.

Hopefully 2011 was a great year for you and 2012 is going well. Welcome the Water Dragon and best wishes to you all.

Wujifa YouTube Videos 2010

December 5, 2010

The Wujifa Youtube Channel has been posting some really cool stuff since my last posting here. If you haven’t visited in awhile make sure you go over there and give it a visit. Even better if you have an account on YouTube subscribe.

Over at Wujifa blogspot they just put up a post with video called “The Kua More Methods For Developing The Inguinal Crease”

“Let me say up front that the Wujifa “Sitting Side to Side” skill-set isn’t really a beginners practice although I will say it is much easier for many Wujifa beginners to play with this skill-set as many times their legs may not be strong enough to do the standing Side to Side Kua practices.”

Make sure to go read more there in the meantime here is the video

Also another post called “Methods for Understanding the Relaxed Shoulder or Song Jian 鬆肩” that includes another good Wujifa video and practice. I personally find this a good Wujifa skill-set to visit and a number of variations of these exercises. One I really like is to play with two swings and have them tied off at different places to created various arcs to explore.

“In the first example the hand are place on the “swing” and use the arcing of the swing to create a couple dimensions of movement to be explored.”

Again, go read that blog post as soon as you can. Until then here is the video for your enjoyment.

That’s the highlights for now. Make sure to visit the Wujifa YouTube site and subscribe. There is a lot of cool Wujifa stuff showing up on the web, make sure to keep your eyes open. As always when I have time I will post and help share what I am finding too.

Internal Gongfu on Framing Your Zhan Zhuang

September 8, 2010

There are some good posts on Wujifa Zhan Zhuang over at Mike’s Internal Gong Fu Blogspot that you may enjoy. One that I thought was interesting was his post on the mental frames we put onto our Zhan Zhuang practices.

Basic Wujifa Zhan Zhuang Alignment Vectors

Here is a clip from his blog:
What I’ve tried to share here is that preparing for Zhan Zhuang practice can involve much more than waking up the brain early in the morning or relaxing in the evening or preceding practice with some activity like stretching or walking or whatever. If you can become aware of your intent or focus or attitude, then like baking chocolate chip cookies, you may discover if you’re putting the chips in before, or after baking.

In Wujifa and our Zhan Zhuang practices the physical framing can be very important. What can even be more important in Wujifa and Zhan Zhuang training can be the many different mental approaches one can follow. In Mike’s blog he explores some nice points, make sure you head over there and read his post from Sept 2nd on Framing Your Zhan Zhuang Practice.

A key to “Internal Power” the Weeble

November 14, 2009

Sinking can be a very big topic for becoming grounded. I just read a blog post about this and I remember when I first heard the concept of Weebles many years ago and laughing… and the Gongfu Master I was talking with said it again to me while I was laughing. The Master I was talking with wasn’t the kind of person who talked about Qi very much or at all, instead he shared his concepts with functional and practical examples of the concepts.

Here is a great post I just was reading on this very subject:
“…So in stance, in addition to getting the structure aligned, we’re also relaxing to “sink the chi” so that we find balance – Balance, relax, and structure are all interwoven in this definition – and that’s the key…”

There is a GREAT YouTube video clip on that blog as well I would suggest going over there and checking this out.

“Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.” This connection is one of the keys to developing internal power, functional and practical for those who are willing to take the time to understand this and develop this skill.

More Tips on Wujifa Blogs!

November 11, 2009

Principles of Wujifa

Wujifa Triangles

There have been a lot of GREAT tips, posting, and blogs showing up on Wujifa practices. I would highly suggest going by and checking in on some of these for sure. I will put a few bits from them here and links to these so you can stop by and read them.

The Path of the Unenlightened
Ever have a problem area when doing stance? For example, pressure going to your knees, areas of tension that just don’t want to relax, etc.?

There are a few really interesting posts over there at the “The Path of the Unlightened” Blog.

Over at “Dan’s Wujifa” blog there have been some really cool postings too… for example:

It’s an exercise where one takes a hammer, hand-held sledge variety and holding it out, as an extension of both arms, flings it rapidly up and down by bowing and unbowing at the hips.

It is important to:
-Keep the arms in the same relative position with the body (so it’s not the arms moving, but the hips).
-Bounce the hammer toward the opposite side at each endpoint.
-Pay attention to the connected springiness feeling.

I really enjoy when people share there training methods and insight gained from doing them!

Over at http://wujifaliangong.com the month of October had some really good postings too. Well worth the time heading over there and reading the October 2009 posts on that blog. There is really to much in there for me to copy and paste a few bit here so just stop by and visit that site.

Also there have been some cool stuff showing up over at “Internal Gong Fu” for example:

Feeling the Sides Drop
I was reminded that plateaus are gestation periods where new neural pathways are being formed. Practicing and not noticing subtle shifts and growths is like planting a seed and watering and watering and watering, not seeing any growth, trusting that there is growth until one day, BOOM! noticing a sprout!

So there you have it… Google Wujifa and see what you might find. I really love this practice… back to training now… Woohoo!

Kua Development video

July 4, 2009

Wujifa Side to Side Kua development (set 1)

This video is of the first set of Kua development skill sets and is called “Side to Side.” This practice is very helpful to starting to understand how the inguinal creases open and close as one moves.

The practice may seem easy although the practice is very deep as one continues to practice and train at developing how to move correctly. It’s a very helpful practice even for those who practice other internal martial arts like Taijiquan for example.

You can find out more about Wujifa at http://wujifaliangong.com on this and other aspects and skill sets aimed at full body movement and internal connections in this wonderful system of training called “Wujifa.”

As alway make a “GREAT” day and enjoy your gongfu practices.

Wujifa is a wonderful practice

June 17, 2009

Many people have tried other practices and then discovered the functional approaches of Wujifa. There is a GREAT blog on this art found at HTTP://WUJIFALIANGONG.COM go there and check this one out. There is a “LOT” of useful information found there.

You’ll find useful information on practical Wujifa practices there. They share information on the Wujifa Standing Practice, Side to Side Practice for developing the kua or inguinal creases, and other very useful practices and qigongs. If you practice Taiji, Qigong, Yoga, or other martial arts you’ll find some great stuff over there at HTTP://WUJIFALIANGONG.COM

Wujifa Training Garden

Wujifa Training Garden

Personal I enjoy these practices and so take a look at what they have to share. I spend a lot of time training and so I may not post very often here. When I have something worth… while I’ll be sure to share it here.

Until then… I hope you have a wonderful time explore the wonders of this wonderful practice…